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Due to regionalism, the economy has suffered severely, because people on either side will hesitate to do anything that might result in the expansion of the other's economy, even if it would mean slowing their own economy.During wartime, regionalism was considerably abated, but there are reports of individuals betraying their country, due to their desire to see the other region lose; for example, allegations that someone had given information to enemy troops during Tawantinzuma.

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Atahualpa had only recently won the war against his brother Huáscar when Pizarro arrived.After conquering Ecuador, Huayna Capac imposed upon the tribes the use of the Quechua (or Kichwa) language, lingua franca of the Inca and still widely spoken in Ecuador.The Cañaris were the strongest, and fiercest group in Ecuador to fall, and after their collapse and subsequent assimilation, the conquest of lands north became easier.Most of the regional fighting occurs among teenagers and college students.Ecuadorians place great importance on the family, both nuclear and extended.

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