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I deleted my dating apps and went out with friends for “girls' nights” in which I’d declare that I wasn’t looking for a man.But it was pure performance — even though I said I wasn’t looking, my eyes would still scan the room.And when I’d spot a cute guy at the other end of the bar, I wouldn’t approach him, like I would in the past.Thanks to therapy, I came to the understanding that I probably won’t stop looking for love until I find it — and that’s totally fine.

Think about it: Would you ever tell someone that a desired outcome will happen when they stop trying to achieve it in regards to So why is it appropriate to tell a single person who wants a relationship that they should cast their eyes down, stay inside, and let everyone come to them?If it involves hunting for the perfect apartment or trying out a new indoor cycling class, dope.As for me, instead of cancelling my search, I’ve given myself permission to prioritise love, so long as I continue to keep the other parts of my life in balance.So I took that advice and applied it to my entire life: I landed my first job four months before graduating college; I shifted my career focus from beauty to relationships; and I moved into my own studio apartment at the age of 24 (which is no small feat in NYC).My try-hard attitude is usually considered a good thing, especially when I’m talking about my work or my personal achievements. Commenters on this very site tell me the exact same thing. When I tell my friends how many dates I have lined up over the course of a few weeks, they’ll ask, “Have you ever thought about stopping? The fact that I’ll approach men in bars, text them first, or ask them out is apparently “very aggressive,” which really means “desperate” — which, according to many of them, is the worst quality a single woman can have.

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