If a girl is dating

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I've only been in one relationship in my life for 4 years. See other girls on the side and keep yourself busy.And that's exactly why I might need to cut things off with her and not keeping the consistent hookups. This is the first girl I've had feelings for since my ex Casually date and smash her then, build dating exp.I had a girl who one night went on a double date with her friend and two guys (and some BS reason why she had to "wing girl" her friend) who the next day told me she wanted a relationship with me.Your girl could be slooty, or she could just be friends with this guy.Casually date and smash her then, build dating exp.

Lol I know I'm coming off extremely beta that's why I'm anonymously posting it on here and not asking my friends and being called a phaggot. Casually date and smash her then, build dating exp.

I'd rather date one girl and put all my eggs in that basket.

Granted, I don't date a lot either, but when I see a girl that meets all of my standards I'd rather try to make things work with that one instead of juggling multiple girls.

Lol Not trying to shoot you down OP but threads like these make me lose hope in hu"MAN"ity.

Lemme answer your question by asking another one, what would YOUR opinion be if you was reading what you just typed in 3rd person?

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