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They were not about “soccer diplomacy” with Turkey, not about corruption in the Armenian government (though this is part of the problem), not about Javakhk or the renewed threats against Karabagh, nor about the Armenian Genocide Resolution in the U. Congress or presidential hopeful Obama’s pledge to say “Armenian Genocide.” I do not mean to suggest that these are not all important issues—they absolutely are.

But the two articles were about something even more important, a situation more desperate: brutal Armenian suffering on a daily basis.

For those who are not familiar with this problem, the trafficking of women and children into prostitution and other forms of slavery is a global problem.

Estimates indicate that on the order of one million women and children are the victims of trafficking globally every year.

The first article revealed to many in the Armenian community for the first time that many Armenian girls and women have been and are being enslaved by other Armenians to be shipped abroad for sexual slavery, forced prostitution.

Not insignificantly, given the past abuse of Armenian women by Turkish genocide perpetrators, according to the 2001 International Organization for Migration’s Trafficking in Women and Children from the Republic of Armenia: A Study, one of the two main destinations for the slaves has been Turkey.

Gendarmes went through the caravan and found an especially pretty 12-year-old girl.The traffickers are master manipulators who capitalize on family violence, poverty, and sexism to snare their option-less, desperate victims with false promises and unnoticed winks to other traffickers. 2008, reported on the release of Amnesty International’s 2008 No Pride in Silence: Countering Family Violence in Armenia (available online at This unnerving report highlights the tremendous problem that domestic violence is in the Armenian Republic.One should not let the apparently voluntary nature of some cases of prostitution be distracting.Is it truly voluntary to latch on to any mysterious chance out that presents itself, in order to try to escape from abuse at home or poverty, in a context in which women are devalued and have a hard time finding legitimate jobs (which are underpaid and precarious, and too often come with sexual harassment on top of everything else)?

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