Who is cm punk dating

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If he's excited about The Shield returning: "Who isn't?!?! If she's not already, Mickie James will be a shoo-in once she hangs it up.

I wish Team Angle could go a round with the Shield." Who would be his pick be for the female inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2018?

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Yes, Punk is also a hero for clearly taking no messing off his girlfriends, they do what Punk wants to do, which means sports and rock music.

Maria has been linked to Punk, as the two met during their tenures in Ohio Valley Wrestling. There were a lot of parallels drawn between the characters of Mizz Elizabeth and AJ Lee when she was in the corner of Daniel Bryanwhich were highlighted by their innocence.

She is currently working for the Shine Wrestling promotion.

The interview was re-uploaded on their You Tube channel last week, although it took place earlier this year. We were just having this conversation, that if you're not super-entrenched into [pro] wrestling, you might think it's really disrespectful to just call a grown man 'Punk', so a lot of people tend to say 'CM'. Somebody asked me yesterday, they go, 'do you call him Punk? "He tries his best to help me through those [depressive] days and I had one not too long ago and my birthday was a few days away, it was my 30th birthday and I was so excited and I was bummed out, basically, that I was going to miss my birthday because these cycles last maybe a week or two." AJ continued, "and he was so great and he surprised me and flew one my best friends in to try and lift my spirits for my birthday and it worked! Only the closest people to me, that would travel with me, or I would hang out with them, I would tell them.

Among other things, AJ discussed what name she calls her husband CM Punk by, being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, keeping her condition from WWE, and accomplishing her goals in pro wrestling. " Interestingly, AJ indicated that she only told her close friends at WWE about being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I was lucky to have really good friends on the road that I could tell them, 'okay, look out for me today.

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